The Grid Community Toolkit documentation was taken from the Globus Toolkit 6.0 documentation. As a result, there may be inaccuracies and outdated information. Please report any problems to the Grid Community Forums as GitHub issues.

GCT → C Common Libraries

The C Common Libraries provide an abstraction layer for data types, libc system calls, and data structures used throughout the Grid Community Toolkit and useful for applications that use the Grid Community Toolkit.

The following guides are available for this component:

Developer’s Guide

Reference for developers who want to access the C libraries.

Other information available for this component are:

Release Notes

What’s new with the 6.2 release for this component

Public Interface Guide

Information for all public interfaces (including APIs, commands, etc). Please note this is a subset of information in the Developer’s Guide.

Quality Profile

Information about test coverage reports, etc.

Migrating Guide

Information for migrating to this version if you were using a previous version of GT or GCT