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GCTGSI-OpenSSH → GT 6.0 Release Notes: GSI-OpenSSH

Component Overview

GSI-OpenSSH is a modified version of OpenSSH that adds support for X.509 proxy certificate authentication and delegation, providing a single sign-on remote login and file transfer service. GSI-OpenSSH can be used to login to remote systems and transfer files between systems without entering a password, relying instead on a valid proxy credential for authentication. GSI-OpenSSH forwards proxy credentials to the remote system on login, so commands requiring proxy credentials (including GSI-OpenSSH commands) can be used on the remote system without the need to manually create a new proxy credential on that system. For more information about GSI-OpenSSH, see the GSI-OpenSSH Home Page.

Feature summary

Supported Features

  • The gsissh command provides a secure remote login service with forwarding of X.509 proxy credentials.

  • The gsiscp and gsisftp commands provide a secure file transfer service authenticated with X.509 proxy credentials, mimicking the rcp/scp and ftp/sftp commands.

  • All standard OpenSSH features are supported, excluding Kerberos authentication. Kerberos authentication is not compatible with GSI-enabled OpenSSH.

  • The GSI-OpenSSH server can replace the standard system SSH server in typical environments.

  • If no username is given on the command-line, GSI-OpenSSH automatically determines the username that corresponds to the X.509 proxy certificate subject in the server’s grid-mapfile.

Deprecated Features

  • None

Summary of Changes in GSI OpenSSH

New Features: GSI OpenSSH


Improvements: GSI OpenSSH


Fixed Bugs for GSI OpenSSH


Known Problems in GSI OpenSSH


Technology dependencies

GSI-OpenSSH depends on the following GCT components:

GSI-OpenSSH depends on the following 3rd party software:

Tested platforms

Tested Platforms for GSI-OpenSSH

  • Mac OS X 10.5

  • x86/x86_64 GNU/Linux

  • PPC AIX 5.3

  • Sun4u Solaris 5.10

Backward compatibility summary

GSI-OpenSSH is backward compatible.

Associated Standards

Associated standards for GSI-OpenSSH:

For More Information

See GSI OpenSSH for more information about this component.