The Grid Community Toolkit documentation was taken from the Globus Toolkit 6.0 documentation. As a result, there may be inaccuracies and outdated information. Please report any problems to the Grid Community Forums as GitHub issues.

GCTC Common Libraries → GCT 6.2 Component Guide to Public Interfaces: C Common Libraries


Component API

See the C API pages for other API documentation on globus_common.

Environment variable interface

Environment variables for C Common Libraries


Set this variable to the fully qualified name of the local machine’s hostname.


Set this variable to the domain name to be used to qualify the local machine’s hostname.


Set this variable to 1 to cause Globus libraries to display error information to stderr.


Set this variable to 1 to enable verbose error messages.


Set this variable to 1 to attempt to use localized messages. (Currently not working)


Set this variable to the path where the Grid Community Toolkit is installed, so that GCT tools can find libraries and data files. This is only needed if the Grid Community Toolkit was built with the source installer.


Set to the name of a thread model to control the operation of the GCT event driver. Valid values are (depending on the platform) none for non-threaded operation (the default), pthread for POSIX threads, or windows for Windows threads.