The Grid Community Toolkit documentation was taken from the Globus Toolkit 6.0 documentation. As a result, there may be inaccuracies and outdated information. Please report any problems to the Grid Community Forums as GitHub issues.

GCTGridFTP → GCT 6.2 GridFTP: Quality Profile

Test coverage reports

There are no test coverage reports available at this time.

Code analysis reports

There are no code analysis reports available at this time.

Known Problems in GridFTP

  • GRIDFTP-178: Hanging server processes with GT5.0.4 striped GridFTP servers

  • GT-2: GUC will treat directory as if its a file for the purpose of sync comparison

  • GT-4: Can’t build gridftp server with alternate CC, needed by LTA

  • GT-5: globus-url-copy doesn’t pipeline url input from a file

  • GT-6: GridFTP installation on OpenBSD 4.9

  • GT-7: Issues with netlogger style logs

  • GT-8: globus-url-copy -rst …​ -st …​ segfault if the options are not correctly synchronized

  • GT-10: Problem checking directory permissions with MLST

  • GT-11: globus-url-copy -rst segfault if the network is not working

  • GT-12: GUC exits with zero when it hits a stall-timeout

  • GT-273: can discover user names even with restrict path

  • GT-284: GridFTP pipelining and reliability issues

  • GT-374: Can’t share files in a path structure with symlinks: path not allowed error

  • GT-397: gridftp doesn’t error if file with unrepresentable name is used (MLSC)

  • GT-413: Clarify errors whenever sharing file operations fail

  • GT-414: globus-gridftp-server closing connection before returning cksm value

  • GT-450: extra newline in PASV error message

Fixed Bugs for GridFTP

  • None.

Performance reports