Grid Community Forum

Community-based support for core software packages in grid computing

GridCF Community Governance

The GridCF is a nexus point for supporting core software packages in grid computing.

However, support is not just the technical quantities of the software package but also the quality of the community surrounding it. This governance document is the agreed-upon standards and practices for the GridCF.

The GridCF is not a legal entity; it is meant to be a lightweight forum. We aim to have this governance document be corresponding lightweight, providing advice on how to move forward with our goals but not to serve as a legal document.

Contributions and Community Participation

We aim to be a welcoming community; all contributors are expected to abide by the contributor code of conduct.

Standards and Practices

To encourage code contributions, we aim to aggressively invite technically adept individuals to help maintain the code base. All contributions should follow the GitHub pull request workflow. To merge code, the pull request must have at least one approved code review from a project member and no disapprovals from project members.

All software maintained by the GridCF is expected to rely on continuous integration and any new code should not be merged if build is broken. Project members should use their best judgement when overriding the CI results.

No overwriting of branch history or tags is allowed except through project management committee vote.

Any project member may prepare a release candidate for a new version of the toolkit and call for a release vote. If the release vote passes, the release is considered complete once the corresponding version tag has been pushed to the repository. Any tag without a corresponding release vote is considered a candidate.

Project Management Committee (PMC)

Project managers serve as a special custodians of the community forum, making significant decisions for the forum, such as adding new members, changing the governance, or disbanding the forum itself.

The PMC’s decision process is based on voting; each PMC member recieves one vote. To hold a vote:

The mechanism for collecting votes is left up to the PMC. For a vote to pass (and a decision to be approved), we require:

  1. Three fourths of the participants to vote in favor.
  2. One half of the project management committee to participate.

A special case is the release vote – in such a case, only a majority of participants need to vote in favor and a minimum of two PMC members must participate.

In addition to releases, activities that require a vote include:

PMC members

As of 12 March 2021, these are the current members for the PMC: