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Grid Community Forum

Community-based support for core software packages in grid computing


The Grid Community Forum (GridCF) is a global community that provides support for core grid software.

Specifically, the GridCF is attempting to support a software stack christened the Grid Community Toolkit (GCT). The GCT is an open-source fork of the venerable Globus Toolkit created by the Globus Alliance. The GCT is derived from the Globus Toolkit, but is not the Globus Toolkit. Further, the GridCF is not a part of the Globus Alliance.

The GridCF is a nascent organization: we are looking for energetic contributors across a broad range of technical skills. Check out our governance doc and join us on GitHub!


The creation of the GridCF and the GCT fork of the Globus Toolkit was motivated by the announcement of the upcoming end-of-support of the Globus Toolkit in January 2018.

With this effort, we aim to:



Grid Community Toolkit packages are now available in Fedora 29 stable, too.


Grid Community Toolkit packages are now available in EPEL stable and Fedora 28 stable.


Package updates based on the Grid Community Toolkit are now available in EPEL testing, Fedora updates testing and Debian unstable and testing.[email protected]