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Globus Gridmap Callout

Globus Gridmap Callout. More...


globus_result_t globus_gridmap_callout (va_list ap)
 Globus Gridmap Callout Function. More...

Detailed Description

Globus Gridmap Callout.

Function Documentation

globus_result_t globus_gridmap_callout ( va_list  ap)

Globus Gridmap Callout Function.

This function provides a gridmap lookup in callout form.

apThis function, like all functions using the Globus Callout API, is passed parameter though the variable argument list facility. The actual arguments that are passed are:
  • The GSS Security context established during service invocation. This parameter is of type gss_ctx_id_t.
  • The name of the service being invoced. This parameter should be passed as a NUL terminated string. If no service string is available a value of NULL should be passed in its stead. This parameter is of type char *
  • A NUL terminated string indicating the desired local identity. If no identity is desired NULL may be passed. In this case the first local identity that is found will be returned. This parameter is of type char *.
  • A pointer to a buffer. This buffer will contain the mapped (local) identity (NUL terminated string) upon successful return. This parameter is of type char *.
  • The length of the above mentioned buffer. This parameter is of type unsigned int.
GLOBUS_SUCCESS upon success A globus result_t structure upon failure (needs to be defined better)