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Request Flags

Request Flags. More...


 No limited proxy flag. More...
 Delegate Limited Proxy Flag. More...
 Accept Proxy Signed By Limited Proxy Flag. More...
 Allow Missing Signing Policy Flag. More...
 Force SSLv3 Flag. More...

Detailed Description

Request Flags.

These macros set the REQUESTED type of context - these should be set (or not) in the context's req_flags (or in the context's ret_flags if accept_sec_context is being called)

Macro Definition Documentation


Accept Proxy Signed By Limited Proxy Flag.

Set if you want to accept proxies signed by limited proxies


Allow Missing Signing Policy Flag.

Set if you want to allow CA certs without a signing policy to verify.


Delegate Limited Proxy Flag.

Set if you want the delegated proxy to be a limited proxy


No limited proxy flag.

Set if you don't want a context to accept a limited proxy. If this flag is set, and a limited proxy is received, the call will not be successful and the context will not be set up


Force SSLv3 Flag.

Set if you want to force SSLv3 instead of negotiating TLSv1 or SSLv3