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Error Handling Helpers

Error Handling Helpers. More...


globus_bool_t globus_error_gssapi_match (globus_object_t *error, globus_module_descriptor_t *module, const OM_uint32 major_status)
 Error Match. More...
globus_object_t * globus_error_wrap_gssapi_error (globus_module_descriptor_t *base_source, OM_uint32 major_status, OM_uint32 minor_status, int type, const char *source_file, const char *source_func, int source_line, const char *short_desc_format,...)
 Wrap GSSAPI Error. More...

Detailed Description

Error Handling Helpers.

Helper functions for dealing with Globus GSSAPI Error objects.

This section defines utility functions for dealing with Globus GSSAPI Error objects.

Function Documentation

globus_bool_t globus_error_gssapi_match ( globus_object_t *  error,
globus_module_descriptor_t module,
const OM_uint32  major_status 

Error Match.

Check whether the error originated from a specific module and match a specific major status.

This function checks whether the error or any of it's causative errors originated from a specific module and contains a specific major status. If the module descriptor is left unspecified this function will check for any error of the specified major_status and vice versa.

errorThe error object for which to perform the check
moduleThe module descriptor to check for
major_statusThe major status to check for
Return values
GLOBUS_TRUEThe error matched the module and major status
GLOBUS_FALSEThe error failed to match the module and major status
globus_object_t* globus_error_wrap_gssapi_error ( globus_module_descriptor_t base_source,
OM_uint32  major_status,
OM_uint32  minor_status,
int  type,
const char *  source_file,
const char *  source_func,
int  source_line,
const char *  short_desc_format,

Wrap GSSAPI Error.

Allocate and initialize an error of type GLOBUS_ERROR_TYPE_GLOBUS which contains a causal error of type GLOBUS_ERROR_TYPE_GSSAPI.

base_sourcePointer to the originating module.
major_statusThe major status to use when generating the causal error.
minor_statusThe minor status to use when generating the causal error.
typeThe error type. We may reserve part of this namespace for common errors. Errors not in this space are assumed to be local to the originating module.
source_fileName of file. Use FILE
source_funcName of function. Use _globus_func_name and declare your func with GlobusFuncName(<name>)
source_lineLine number. Use LINE
short_desc_formatShort format string giving a succinct description of the error. To be passed on to the user.
...Arguments for the format string.
The resulting error object. It is the user's responsibility to eventually free this object using globus_object_free(). A globus_result_t may be obtained by calling globus_error_put() on this object.