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RSL Helper Functions

RSL Helper Functions. More...


int globus_rsl_assist_attributes_canonicalize (globus_rsl_t *rsl)
 Canonicalize all attribute names in an RSL parse tree. More...
void globus_rsl_assist_string_canonicalize (char *ptr)
 Canonicalize an attribute name. More...

Detailed Description

RSL Helper Functions.

The rsl_assist library provide a set of functions to canonicalize RSL parse trees or strings.

Function Documentation

int globus_rsl_assist_attributes_canonicalize ( globus_rsl_t *  rsl)

Canonicalize all attribute names in an RSL parse tree.

The globus_rsl_assist_attributes_canonicalize() function performs an in-place canonicalization of the RSL parse tree pointed to by its rsl parameter. All relation attribute names will be changed so that they lower-case, with all internal underscore characters removed.

rslPointer to the RSL parse tree to canonicalize.
If globus_rsl_assist_attributes_canonicalize() is successful, it will ensure that all attribute names in the given RSL will be in canonical form and return GLOBUS_SUCCESS. If an error occurs, it will return GLOBUS_FAILURE.
Return values
void globus_rsl_assist_string_canonicalize ( char *  ptr)

Canonicalize an attribute name.

The globus_rsl_assist_string_canonicalize() function modifies the NULL-terminated string pointed to by its ptr parameter so that it is in canonical form. The canonical form is all lower-case with all underscore characters removed.

ptrPointer to the RSL string to modify in place.