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List Functions

List Functions. More...


globus_list_tglobus_list_copy_reverse (globus_list_t *orig)
 Create a reverse-order copy of a list. More...

Detailed Description

List Functions.

Function Documentation

globus_list_t* globus_list_copy_reverse ( globus_list_t orig)

Create a reverse-order copy of a list.

The globus_list_copy_reverse() function creates and returns a copy of its input parameter, with the order of the list elements reversed. This copy is a shallow copy of list nodes, so both the list pointed to by orig and the returned list point to the same list element data.

origA pointer to the list to copy.
Upon success, globus_list_copy_reverse() returns a new list containing the same elements as the list pointed to by orig in reverse order. If an error occurs, globus_list_copy_reverse() returns NULL.