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globus_gass_transfer_request_t Struct Reference

Request handle. More...

#include <globus_gass_transfer.h>

Detailed Description

Request handle.

A request handle is associated with each file transfer operation. The same structure is used for both client- and server- side requests. For client operations, the initial call to globus_gass_transfer_get(), globus_gass_transfer_register_get(), globus_gass_transfer_get(), globus_gass_transfer_register_put(), globus_gass_transfer_append(), globus_gass_transfer_register_append() initializes the request. For server operations, the request is initialized by calling globus_gass_transfer_accept().

The functions in the request section of this manual describe the functions available for accessing information from a request handle.

Each request handle should be destroyed by calling globus_gass_transfer_request_destroy() once the user has completed processing the request.

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