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Data Fields
globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * path
struct tm start_timestamp
FILE * fp
char * buffer
globus_callback_handle_t callback
size_t buffer_length
size_t buffer_point
size_t buffer_valid
globus_bool_t need_timestamp
time_t file_timestamp
int file_number
int file_inode
globus_bool_t end_of_log
globus_bool_t old_log
char * log_file

Detailed Description

State of the SGE log file parser.

RJP Jan.2008 added 4 fields to handle file rotation

Field Documentation

char* globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::buffer

Buffer of log file data

size_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::buffer_length

Length of the buffer

size_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::buffer_point

Starting offset of valid data in the buffer.

size_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::buffer_valid

Amount of valid data in the buffer

globus_callback_handle_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::callback

Callback for periodic file polling

globus_bool_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::end_of_log

Flag indicating a Log close event indicating that the current log was found in the log

int globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::file_inode

file inode for quick test of file rotation

int globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::file_number

file rotation number at 1st read - assumes N+1 old files labeled 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,...,N

time_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::file_timestamp

First timestamp in log-file

FILE* globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::fp

Stdio file handle of the log file

char* globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::log_file

Path to the directory where the SGE server log files are located

globus_bool_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::need_timestamp

simple test whether all we're looking for is the timestamp;

globus_bool_t globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::old_log

Flag inidicating that this logfile isn't the one corresponding to today, so and EOF on it should require us to close and open a newer one

char* globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::path

Path of the current log file being parsed

struct tm globus_l_sge_logfile_state_t::start_timestamp

Timestamp of when to start generating events from

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