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thread_test.c File Reference

Globus Thread Test. More...

#include "globus_common.h"
#include "globus_test_tap.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "globus_preload.h"


int thread_test (int np, int nc, int ni)
 Thread Consumer / Producer Test. More...

Detailed Description

Globus Thread Test.

Function Documentation

int thread_test ( int  np,
int  nc,
int  ni 

Thread Consumer / Producer Test.

The thread_test creates a p producer threads and c consumer threads, and then has the producers (combined) create n pieces of data to be consumed by the consumer threads.

This test exercises globus_mutex_lock(), globus_mutex_unlock(), globus_cond_wait(), globus_cond_signal(), and globus_cond_broadcast()