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uuid_test.c File Reference

UUID Test. More...

#include "globus_common.h"
#include "globus_test_tap.h"


int uuid_is_unique_test (void)
 UUID values are unique. More...
int uuid_import_test (void)
int uuid_fields_test (void)
int uuid_bad_import_test (void)
 Bad UUID Import Test. More...

Detailed Description

UUID Test.

Function Documentation

int uuid_bad_import_test ( void  )

Bad UUID Import Test.

Try to import a string which is not formatted as a UUID
int uuid_fields_test ( void  )

Test globus_uuid_fields

Create a globus_uuid_t with globus_uuid_create(), then get its fields twice and compare the two
int uuid_import_test ( void  )

Import a UUID

Create a globus_uuid_t with globus_uuid_create(), import its text representation into a new uuid with globus_uuid_import(), and compare the two with GLOBUS_UUID_MATCH()
int uuid_is_unique_test ( void  )

UUID values are unique.

Create a pair of uuids with globus_uuid_create() and verify that they are different